Why not take advantage of our economy of scale and expertise to reduce your collection expense?

Outsourcing has become a popular trend in today's highly competitive business environment. Many companies are recognizing the benefits of contracting for specialized functions: It reduces overhead and produces superior results in a component of their business that is technical in nature and better left to experts in the field. 

The media industry is certainly no exception.

With the experience of Media Receivable Management at their disposal, our clients' have found it makes economic as well as operational sense to move their collection effort outside. This enables them to deploy internal resources aimed at generating maximum sales knowing that the collection of their revenue is in the most qualified and dedicated hands. 

Furthermore, companies who have experienced an increase in their delinquency rates, a critical component of their cash flow, due to current economic conditions see outsourcing as an excellent solution. For many of these companies, their collection volume is often too high for their current staffing restrictions, resulting in only the customers with larger balances being contacted. They end up having to refer many accounts to a collection agency on a contingency basis at a rate much higher than outsourcing. With our outsourcing service, since Media Receivable Management acts as a "virtual" credit department with consummate collections abilities, accounts are collected much more quickly, so cash flow is improved and accounts never get to a contingency collection situation.

With our expertise and economy of scale, coupled with our comprehensive automated collections systems, Media Receivable Management can effectively manage your receivable from the outset at a cost equal to or less than what it costs to perform the function internally.