October 21, 2013 By Robyn Ireland

Picture yourself going on vacation to visit sun and sandy beaches. As you board the airplane you’re handed a magazine entirely about your destination. You spend your flight flipping though the pages, dreaming about the culture, history, activities, and local hot spots that you will soon be exploring. Savor this lovely thought for a moment.  Now ask yourself, “How did this magazine get here just for MY trip?”

The answer is Destination Publications! They publish destination-specific magazines for St. Maarten, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and other exotic locales. Vacationers love the magazine for the timely information, and advertisers love it for the captive audience with lots of disposable income to use when they land. Together that makes for a very happy publisher!

Destination Publications faced one major hurdle, though – one that’s faced in one way or another by any publishing company: How could they collect payments from advertisers without pulling sales reps off the job?

Twelve years ago Destination Publications solved this dilemma when they made the choice to hire out their invoicing and collections to Media Receivable Management, a company specializing in media industry collections, and they’ve never looked back. Outsourcing this work “Freed up staff so that we were able to develop our business with regard to editorial input, advertising sales, and overall growth and development of the company,” according to CEO Chris Ralston.

Media Receivable Management’s staff fly out to St. Maarten and the U.S. Virgin Islands to take care of business (cool sunglasses and sunscreen optional). ”They are uniquely experienced in dealing with our advertisers over many years. We have never had any complaints from our advertisers,” Chris added. Having a buffer between their sales staff and slow-to-pay advertisers creates a better selling environment for Destination Publications and lets them focus on doing what they do best – generating new revenue. Plus maybe they get a little extra vacation time of their own! 

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AuthorDean Churack